20 Simple but useful KITCHEN tricks that will make your life much easier

I am sure that if you are a person who likes cooking, you will find these really useful and incredible tips.

1. A cheese grater can be very useful for scratching butter, so you can add it more easily to a toast or a hotcake. Of course the butter must be cold and hard.

2. Do not know if an egg is still in good condition? Place it in a glass of water, the more it sinks, the cooler it is, if it floats it will be better to throw it away.

3. We all like frozen ones, but they are always a problem, because they take up a lot of space in the refrigerator. Better put them vertically as shown in the image.

4. Did you happen to heat up spaghetti, and only the top part gets hot? Heat the pasta in the form of "donut", this way you will achieve the pasta that warms evenly.

5. Prevent your table from sliding all over the kitchen, just put a damp paper under it.

6. Possibly you did it when you were little, we just wanted to remember that it is an excellent way to eat yougurt.

7. An elegant and truly delicious way to keep cold a white wine, is applying fully frozen grapes in the drink. Accept it! It even seemed like it.

8. Correct way to cut a pepper.

9. Prevent the cake from getting hard and dry from the parts where it was cut. You should only apply a few slices of white bread.

10. Nothing better and more practical to mature a banana, than to put it approximately for 40 minutes in the oven. On the outside they look somewhat ugly, but inside, the flavor that is achieved when cooking them is truly delicious.

11. If you plan to make lemonade or orangeade, use a mold to make muffins and place it in the freezer with slices of the fruit you want. Remember to wash the fruit perfectly before putting them in the water.

12. If you love lettuce, keep it from drying out and let it last up to a week. Just apply a damp kitchen towel on top of it, and then seal it with plastic. Although the days go by, you will know it as if it were freshly cut.

13. If you hate that your ice cream gets hard as a stone, place it inside a sealing bag, and take out as much air as you can. So you will not bend a spoon again because of the ice cream.

14. If you are going to leave your house and you want to take your drink, you just have to cover the glass with plastic and fit a straw. So you can take it wherever you want without spilling it. It is very simple, but also very useful.

15. It is very difficult to cut the cream cheese with a knife, because it completely melts. Better use a floss to cut the slices, and make them look appetizing and aesthetic.

16. Before squeezing a lemon, if you notice that it is too hard, rub it with your palm against the table for a minute. I assure you that you will notice the difference.

17. If you want to avoid water overflowing while boiling, you must put a wooden spoon on top of the pot.

18. It has happened to all of us that honey gets so hard that it becomes impossible to eat it. Many people put it in the microwave, however I recommend putting it in a pot with hot water. (It is important to unclog the bottle)

19. If you like outdoor food and want a fish for a chance, it is best to put slices of lemon or orange on the grill. This will prevent the fish from falling apart and becoming a disaster. In addition, it will give an exquisite and sophisticated touch of lemon or orange.

20. Another option to get enough lemon juice, is to put a few seconds in your microwave, the time depends on the power you have.

If you liked these simple but useful cooking tips, share it with your loved ones. Have a beautiful day!