People with such a strange sense of humor that they became great

What is most valued about a person is their sense of humor. There is nothing worse than someone who does not find grace in anything. These people have a rather strange kind of humor, but at the same time it makes them really great.

A friend asked his mother 5 million for his birthday. This is what he got. xD

My dad is the funniest person I know. O_o

My parents painted the house while I was away. Guess what my room is. "Inept".

There is a loose assassin near where we live, so I wrote to my parents asking them if they were okay. They sent me this.

My dad found my cousin's hair extensions and sent these glamorous photos to the family.

My dad took this selfie and printed it on a blanket. He gave it to my sister at Christmas and called it "Birth Control Blanket".

My sister started driving recently and my dad uploaded this picture to his facebook.

Our cat does not feel very well, so my dad is singing to him.

Are you going to come and pick me up?

Oh my God.

- Dad, please, it's raining.

Oh my God.


Oh my God.

-I'll tell mom.

Oh my God, no.

My sister and her friends challenged my dad and his friends.

My father-in-law is a contractor and that's how he installs a mirror: "Ted was here."

My dad felt the need to show his dominance over my sister's boyfriend.


"The most attractive".

My mom's friend made us a cake.

My parents sent me this picture.

My dad said that my dog ​​would take my room after I went to college. He sent me this picture.