20 Movies that I'm tired of watching on TV

The open television is the worst in the world in Mexico, the programs are deplorable and it seems that they are overweight with some movies, because they have not stopped happening for years and everything indicates that they will never be left in oblivion. I'm not saying that these movies are bad, only that they pass them by and they fed me up. Somebody explain to me why others do not project!

1. Titanic

2. Matilda.

3. Shrek.

4. All the Easter movies.

5. Like it was the first time.

6. The Grinch.

7. My poor angel.

8. The fifth element.

9. Chucky.

10. Harry Potter.

11. Scream.

12. Friday the 13th.

13. Rocky.

14. Jumanji

15. Toy Story

16. Diary of a Princess.

17. Saw.

18. Gladiator.

19. Forrest Gump.

20. Always at your side Hachiko.