16 Natural appetizers a thousand times richer and healthier than junk food

We are very interested in taking care of your health and your figure, so today we will like them and we will give you ideas to make healthy and delicious food combinations.

1. Rice with milk and a touch of cinnamon. Perfect for an afternoon of movies.

2. If you like the apple check this tip: Add ice cubes to some slices so that it stays very cold and not oxidized.

3. Kiwi palettes! In truth, the taste is unique.

4. The Grinch is going to want to steal these delicious Christmas snacks.

5. Remember that natural yogurt is an excellent food and even more if you combine it with fruit.

6. Grapefruit is very nutritious, this option is great so you can eat it without slipping from your hands.

7. If you have not tried an apple with a little cinnamon, you do not know what you're missing.

8. If you have to go to school or work, put some fruits in a glass container, so they will stay fresh and protected.

9. Ice + mango + a touch of milk carnation = The richest smoothie you've ever tasted.

10. Make watermelon lollipops in this way and put a slice of lemon on the bottom so your palette does not taste like a refrigerator.

11. Perfect idea if you have guests at home. Tasteful and causes want more than one.

12. My favorite! Pomegranate with lemon, salt and chili pepper. I bet your mouth watered!

13. A glass full of yogurt, granola and a bit of blueberry smoothie with blackberries. The ideal breakfast!

14. If you meet months or anniversary with your partner, it would be nice if you made something like this for breakfast:

15. Figs and Quinoa, I could live eating them all my life.

16. If the day is very hot, do not buy a cold drink, better buy grapes and freeze them, you can not stop eating them.

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