Tell me that I am not the only one doing these things, please!

Dear girls, Today something inside me asked me to be honest and confess some things I do, but not many people know it. This is with the intention that if any of you also do, accept it and let me know that I am not the only one in the world. Confess!

I accept that I put on a pillow when I'm alone to see how I would look pregnant.

The only marathons I do are on Netflix watching "Crow Club" while drooling through the bodies that appear in the series.

This is how I feel when I bring a crop top and finish eating 10 tacos.

My face when a man thinks he can bind me presuming his car or the money he has.

Has it happened to you? I don't want to be the only one.

For some strange reason when I try to read I never get comfortable.

Me when my friends tell the same story over and over again whenever we meet. I can not stand!

I also take selfies when I wear masks, but I never upload them to my social networks.

I am the only one of my friends who is not married to someone.

I have shaved my legs in less than 3 minutes knowing that the boy I like will go to the party.

This is where my hand spends more time when I am alone.

When I listen to my favorite song I close my eyes and make up a whole story, as if I was making the music video.

I hate that people who hardly know me feel confident in hugging me, nicknames even though they are "cute" and generally approach me and touch me. I'm sorry but it's the truth. I hate it, I hate it!

It makes me want to hit the children who call me "Madam." They make me feel 80 years old and I'm only 25!

They go like 4 tutorials that I see on Pinterest which I want to do, but they never work out for me. I am zero skilled.

Whenever I find an armchair of this material, I have to make drawings.

To this day I stick my face to the fan and speak to hear my voice as if it were a robot. I keep laughing by myself every time I do it. Hahaha

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