19 Curiosities for girls who wear brackets

Wearing brackets is not as bad as it seems, the result is one of the best things you will get in life. So you have to enjoy it and see the bright side. This is why we bring you 19 curiosities that will make you smile and show off the metal in your teeth.

Do not hide your braces, better combine your lipstick with the color of your suspenders.

Wear them on your nails too.

During the entire time you take them it will be very difficult to eat corn, so this device will help you to continue enjoying them.

Make a Halloween pumpkin that looks like you.

Tooth cupcakes!

Wouldn't this cake fascinate you?

Make yourself some rings with the wisdom teeth that were taken out.

I put on braces today, so I bought this shirt.

I want this cell phone even though I no longer have brackets.

Why was mine not like that?

Dentures shaped ice.

I will learn to make these cookies.

Forbidden love.

In case there are not enough metals in you.

That's right, if there is a brush that will help you a lot.

Oh my God! What a beautiful thing!

Be proud of your teeth!

An easy way to bleach them when they are removed.

A ring that should accompany you throughout the process!

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