Gifts that every girl expects the love of her life to give her one day

They may seem banalities, but this goes far beyond the material issue. For some reason girls need romantic details from time to time. We are never going to demand anything from our boyfriend, but it would be wonderful if they read this post so they stay with the tickle and have an idea of ​​what we want one of these days.

A letter written by hand and with the heart.

These gifts are almost extinct, now everything is via inbox or whatsapp. A little letter will excite us much more than they think. Do you know why? Because we know how to value the time and the heart that was put to that detail.

Balloons in Valentine.

These dates are quite important for most girls. Walking around seeing balloons everywhere we want to have our own. So it never hurts, no matter if for some it is cheesy or choteted.

Gigant stuffed animal.

We will not know where to put it or what to do with it, but we will always desire it fervently. It is as if it were recorded in our genes.


That is how you arrive alone with a guitar and its dull voice, in reality what we crave is surprise.

Romantic dinner.

Whether they decide to do it on an anniversary, birthday or spontaneously. We dream of a man taking the trouble to plan a surprise just to make us feel loved.


We are not interested in whether it is a single flower or the largest bouquet that humanity has ever seen, but that suddenly come and surprise us with them, it is priceless.

Chocolates, many chocolates!

This is a tip that will help my dear men a lot: If your girl is in her days, there is no better way to make her happy than to arrive with a good supply of chocolates.

Breakfast to bed

Women will not let me lie. It is almost a fantasy to think that after the action we will receive breakfast in bed by our beloved.


Do not think badly, it is not that we are crazy about everything that shines on the sideboards, but we love the earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.

Pint Day

We love spontaneity, we dream that one day they miss work or school and make us escape with you.


These tips will also help you know what to give to your girlfriend if you have no idea. A perfume will never be badly received, just know it a little to know what aromas are your favorites.


There will never be too many bags, so it doesn't matter if you've already given him one, it's always an excellent option.

Tickets to see your favorite artist.

You can be a concert or a play. We will love to know that you pay attention to what we say and desire.

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