19 Gifts a new dad deserves to have

When the birth of a baby is approaching, attention is always focused on the future mother, forgetting that the baby is also from the father and that he is as excited as she is. So the next time you go to a Baby Shower, bring something for the future dad. Let's not leave them behind.

A toolbox full of everything you will need to change your baby's diapers.

The box may contain the following:

A backpack that will allow you to carry everything you need when you go out with your baby. It is also a changer.

Such a sign would be amazing: "Please do not ring the bell, but it bothers, what bothers the baby, what bothers mom."

A beautiful diaper bag shaped tool bag.

Matching shirts.

A bottle opener in the form of a pacifier.

They need their own bag for the baby, make it your style.

An apron for dirty work.

“Property of a new dad”

A case for wet wipes.

A diaper tower.

A simple instruction to learn to put on clothes.

Same slippers.

A beautiful necklace like this: "The girl who stole my heart calls me daddy."

So that the mealtime is fun for both.

A diaper bag of firefighters.

A charger made especially for him.

Dad loves coffee, so they can both have the same cup.

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