10 uses you can give your lip balm

Your lip balm has some secrets to confess, for years it has made you believe that it only serves to leave healthy and beautiful to your lips. But the truth is that it is much more versatile than it seems. This is all that little one can do for you.

Perfect make up

Mix your powder blush with some lip balm to have a professional finish on your cheeks. You can do the same with the eye shadow.

Relieves dryness of the face

Sometimes with the cold the skin around the lips, chin and eyes gets very dry and the cream does not solve it. If that is your case, smear lip balm on the dry part and you will see how it recovers its normal state in a short time.

Avoid blisters

The rubbing with the shoes causes annoying and painful blisters. So you don't have a lip balm right in the part where it rubs, so you will avoid getting hurt.

Control foolish eyebrows

Sometimes some eyebrow hairs just don't want to cooperate. Put a little lip balm and comb them, they will be divine.

Stops minor bleeding

If you have cut yourself by shaving your legs, place your lip balm in the wound and you will see how the wound stops bleeding.

Goodbye frizz!

The frizz may surprise you at the least opportune moment. Don't let life ruin you, put lip balm on your hands, pass them through your hair and brush.

It can be transformed into a candle

If you've been in the dark and can't find the candles anywhere, light your lip balm.

Fix makeup mistakes

If you've painted your eyelids with mascara, moisten a swab with lip balm and remove the stain.

It makes your perfume last longer

Put lip balm on the parts where you usually use the perfume. This will make it last for much longer.

Fix a stuck zipper

How many times has not happened to you? It no longer goes up or not down. Well humidify it with lip balm and voila, it will run as if nothing.

Video: DIY. 5 Minute Lip Balm (December 2019).