Transform all your belongings into magical galaxies

Owning your own universe is simpler than you think, moreover, it is completely at your fingertips. Everything you can imagine can be transformed, just follow some tricks and you can get them.

Dare yourself! It's impossible that it doesn't fit you.

Lower the stars to that special person and lock them in a jar.

Why have feet on the ground, when they can float in the universe?

Use a sponge to get that texture.

The universe in a beautiful necklace.

Practice with a shirt that you don't use much anymore.

Use a brush, it is more accurate than the spray.

The toothbrush is perfect for details.

You can also fill your eyes with stars.

Take the boring out of your cell phone case.

A hair style that you have to have at least once in your life.

Use enamels, it will be perfect.

Video: :゚ DIY Room Ideas For Unicorns (December 2019).