11 Confessions of a high school teacher

Hi girls! I'm 26 years old and I've been teaching at a private school in Mexico City for the last two years. For obvious reasons I will not give my name or where I work (if I want to keep my job) but what I can tell you is that today I will confess in a very sincere and peculiar way some experiences that many teachers live.

Shhh, it's secret!

Sometimes they want to hit the students ...

Mainly when I know that they give me and other teachers offensive nicknames and they think we don't know. Too bad I can't punch them in the face ... I don't want to miss it.

To constantly think: "Too bad that most of the students will get pregnant before their 18 years"

It is really sad that although one advises them about taking care of themselves if they have sex, they do not pay attention and end up pregnant before they are even of legal age.

Send a student's parents to call and realize why your child is so stupid

Not that it's cruel, but there are times when children's parents think less than a pistachio. It is right there when we realize why the teenager is so dumb, inept and incompetent.

That moment when a student makes you improper proposals

I don't know what happens to teenagers today, but they literally make direct proposals about spending time with them! The only thing that they provoke me is tenderness and desire to give them a zape in the head so that the warming is removed.

Arrive unveiled and even a little alcoholic but know how to pretend very well

There was a day when I went out on a holiday Sunday and I mistakenly believed that the next day you didn't have to work because it was a holiday, what a mistake!

The only thing I remember is that I came to school with glasses saying that in the morning I had an eye infection and of course ... reeking of peppermint gum. Fortunately I think nobody noticed what happened.

Sneaking out with a student's dad

Students never find out, but it does happen ... and more than they imagine.

That awkward moment when you surprise a couple of boyfriends locked in a room ...

Can't wait to go to their homes, park or what do I know and then kiss? What happens outside of school is no longer my problem. Personally, I am bothered by the fact of interrupting and having to give them a shameful moment, what am I to blame?

Fail a student just because you like him or to take revenge for how he behaves with his classmates

I've done it more than once ... and it doesn't give me regret. Many of those I've failed have been teenagers who bully other classmates, so they deserve it. The best of all is when at the end of the course they cry to ask me to help them (obviously I don't).

Hate each other among teachers

If you were asked, yes! We hate each other, but we must always pretend and pretend that we have a very cordial relationship among all of us. Normally the most hated is always the director.

We feel frustrated when we ask them if they understood and they say “yes”

The reason? We know that 90% of the class did not understand and all they want is for them to finish the class so they can go to their homes and spend the whole afternoon watching Acapulco Shore.

About receiving bribes

I don't understand why most students give bottles of alcohol as bribes to pass a subject. Even if they gave me a package of Dior cosmetics or a collection of MAC lipsticks, I could consider it (haha) ... It's not true!