Reasons why bad girls are the best

A bad girl is not one who drinks and smokes nonstop and has a bad attitude towards life, that is not a bad girl. A bad girl is called that because she is what she is and wants to be, because stereotypes do not touch her and she lives her life with intensity and without looking back, she is sure of herself and that makes her irresistible.

Those who criticize her deep down want to be like her. We all take one inside and we should let her take the reins.

We are worth more% & $ the opinion of others

When you are yourself, when you free yourself from stereotypes and social pressures, frustrated and closed people will appear trying to release their traumas with you. But as you already know you are worth a cucumber and half of another, you are as you are and that makes you happy.

We have real friends

I don't know what happens to most women, but they don't know how to be friends, they always live in gossip and criticize whoever stands in front of them, even those they consider their “friends”. And that does not fit in our lives, it is a nuisance to have people like that around you. Authentic people attract authentic people.

We have more fun

Sorrow, modesty and inhibition are not words that are within our vocabulary. We dare to do things that other girls would not do in dreams, so we have much more intense and fun experiences.

We are ourselves

We have developed our security much more and by not trying to fit into normal stereotypes, we end up getting to know ourselves much better. We know perfectly well what we want, when we want it and how we want it. We become irresistible because we don't try to be someone else.

Zero drama

We are not of that style of girls who are suffering for love, of those who forgive and forgive and live in a constant novel. We do not give second chances, if you fail you go to hell, there is no more.

We have our own fashion

We are not interested if you can no longer use yellow in winter or black does not look good in spring. We put on what makes us feel comfortable and beautiful.

We are independent

We are not waiting for the prince to rescue us from who knows what and take care of us forever. Obviously we want to find the right one but to live adventures by our side, not to lock us in a tower and keep us safe.

We are not afraid to take the initiative

That waiting to call you, to invite you out does not go. We take the initiative we love, we don't wait for life to come, we go out to look for it.

We never say "I don't know"

If someone asks us where we want to go, what we want to eat or any kind of question, we will always have an answer. Never will an "I don't know" or "whatever you want" come out of our mouths.

Sensuality is our barcode

Bad girls are the best because boys and girls love our safety, our confidence and sensuality. Because we know where we are going since we dare to get out of the ordinary, we dare to live.

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