Ways you have to wear a blazer if you're a teenager

Blazers are not office garments, although they can be worn to look elegant and formal, it is not the only way we can take advantage of them. You do not need to be 30 years old to look good, being a teenager you can add them to your look without any problem.

Just know what clothes to combine to look casual, fun, sensual and keep looking at your age but with much more style.

If you are a fan of crop tops, then soon you will be a great fan of the blazers.

Your mini skirts will still look super sexy but with a touch of glamor.

If you think that wearing shorts and long socks is too bold for you. Try adding a blazer to the look and you will feel much more comfortable.

Play with colors, they don't have to always be dark, there are blazers of all colors!

If you want a classic look then wear them with your jeans.

Do not wear them with a shirt but with that super casual blouse that you wear in your days of extreme laziness.

You will get a super hipster look with your boyfriend jeans.

If you don't want to add years to your look, try to always wear them with tennis shoes or low shoes.

Your leggings are not left off the list.

Your shorts are essential.

If you are going to wear a short dress, then take a blazer with the same height with you. It will look sensational!

And yes, the overalls also look great.

Caps are the perfect accessory, there is no other.

The stockings will give you a more sensual air.