Reasons why you should love a girl who doesn't wear heels

Not all girls wear heels, moreover, many of us don't even like them. And it is not only because we are not very skilled when walking with them, they are uncomfortable even when standing, they do not allow you to do many things and it is a myth that only with them can you look sensual.

So these are my reasons why a man should love a girl who doesn't wear heels.

He will not complain of pains

Heels always hurt your feet, take out blisters and make you very tired. But with a girl who doesn't use them, she will never say "I can't walk anymore", "my feet hurt", "I can't stand them anymore" and other complaints of pain.

They will walk at the same pace

With heels you can not walk very fast, you have to measure your steps or you could take a false one and pass tremendous bear. But if you do not use them you can walk at any step, you will not be left behind or force others to slow down.

It won't ruin your spontaneity

For example, if after finishing dinner you tell her that you want to walk a little with her or go dancing, she will most likely say no because she is already tired, but the truth is that those shoes are killing her. However, if you do not wear heels, it will not ruin spontaneity, you will always say yes because your feet are like new.

Trust your sensuality

She does not get carried away by the one they will say, she does not need to wear heels to feel sexy, she knows it is no matter what she is wearing. The sensual walk is not given by some heels but their confidence.

It has prettier feet

Many women deny it but the heels take out keys, leave you scars and other things that take away beauty and vitality at your feet. But if you never use them then your feet will be like new.

There will be no problem with the height

Many boys are afraid of heels because they do not know if their girl will exceed them in height when they get on them. But if you have a girl who doesn't use them, that will never stress you.

Love to walk

They can take long and endless walks, climb hills, get into grass and even areas with dirt. She will never tell you no because it gets dirty or because the heels are stuck to the floor.

You won't end up charging it

There are times when high shoes torture feet so much that poor women can no longer walk. And there the men go to show off their chivalry and brute force to charge the bruised damsel. But with a girl free of heels you won't have to hurt your back unless you want to, of course.

It can run if needed

Imagine it starts to rain, a dog chases them or the truck leaves. Well with heels she can never run in the way it is needed. But if you don't take them you can go out alive and kicking out of the situation.

It takes less time to be ready

And sometimes the problem is not the outfit if not the shoes, many times you know that you are going to wear but the heels do not combine and it takes you hours to choose the right ones. But with tennis or flats that does not usually happen, so it will be ready in less time.