Beauty tips you can only achieve with masking tape

If you thought the masking tape was exclusive to your school projects, then be prepared because you are about to enter a world you will never want to leave. It's like the door to Narnia only that it takes you to the world of beauty possibilities.

Check and put one in your bag as soon as possible.


The most annoying things always happen at the least indicated moment, such as the hem of your garment is bare and completely ruin your entire look. But don't worry, because if you take adhesive tape with you, you can remedy it! At least until you get home and you can fix it forever.

Hold your bubis

There are garments that simply do not wear any type of bra, but no way to walk like this for life. It is necessary to make a few arrangements so that our bubis look as we wish. For example, you can fasten your breasts with masking tape, place a large piece and pull to make them look firmer.

So that the underwear is not marked

This is a trick that beauty professionals did not want to reveal, but today we bring it for you. If your underwear is marked, place a piece of tape just on the edges that are visible, and the problem will disappear completely.

Goodbye mustache

You should not take it as the first option, it is totally in case of emergency. If you forgot to shave and you just realized, use duct tape to remove those little hairs.

Remove shadow with glitter

Eliminating the shadow with shine is super difficult no matter how effective your make-up remover. So you don't fight, put masking tape in the area and remove it until it's almost completely gone. So you spend the cotton with makeup remover will be easier and you will save your precious product.

French manicure

You don't need to buy special strips to have a French finish on your nails. The adhesive tape will do the job impeccably.


If you are not very good at delineating your eyes or giving them a professional finish with the shadow, then the adhesive tape has to come to your rescue.

Avoid the pain of wearing heels

Tape your last two toes every time you wear heels. These will allow you to endure them more without pain.

Dust like new

Dusts usually accumulate impurities, grease and even dirt on their surface with use. To leave it as new it will only be enough to place a piece of adhesive tape on it, press lightly and quickly remove it.

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