15 presumed girls whom I accept to envy nothing more

Well now, who am I kidding ... I hate them!

All these girls seem to have a life full of luxuries that not many girls can afford to have ... Anyway, I hope to get the lottery one day or that Eslamoda gets pretty and starts paying me a little more (I hope don't run for saying that) hahaha.

I literally envy even the beautiful balloons you have.

I envy that all white looks so perfect (I don't last like that for 2 minutes) haha.

What a beautiful combination.

With those red lips I could kiss her and then steal her glasses right now.

All the attitude

Which would you choose for today? Some Louboutins or some Nikes like hers.

Nothing better than traveling in style.


I envy those bubbles and that cute mini.

Super chic

I don't know what I envy anymore ... Whether his ring, his nails or his Bentley.

Which ones will I wear today? The Louboutin or the Jimmy Choo ...

Pure luxury for your feet.

The dream color of every woman as a child.

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