12 Hairstyles with which you will have a hate-love relationship

I don't know if it has happened to them (I suppose so) that there are haircuts that don't know exactly if they love or hate. That's exactly what happens to me with these cuts and possibly from today to you too.

They are those looks that you do not know exactly if you would do or if they would look good, but at the same time they have something that catches your attention.

I think that my hatred-love for them also comes from the fact that I am zero able to do them and that causes me a little courage / envy with those who can do them (hahaha).

I don't know exactly if all women are good at these hairstyles. Possibly you not only need the physical or the ideal face for them, but also the personality so that they combine perfectly with your face.

Which of them would you do?

Video: Hairstyles Girls Wear That Guys Love. Brian Redmon (December 2019).