Outfits to be the most stylish girl in your school

We are not going to fool ourselves and say that we do not mind looking pretty at school because it would be a terrible lie. We all like to feel beautiful and attractive on school days, that's why I want to leave you with some ideas that you can be inspired to wear outfits full of personality and attitude that will make you look like the most stylish girl in your school. college.

Look closely at how these girls combine colors! The combination of gray skinny jeans with coffee boots and white sweatshirt will make you look fresh and perfect.

Casual looks do not have to be boring and without personality. Here a totally simple look to get with a flannel shirt.

From time to time it is good to get that sexy schoolgirl style combined with a touch of a good girl. I don't know about you, but I loved it.

If you have Adidas Superstar, this look is for you.

An elegant and casual style at the same time. Perfect for days when you have to exhibit in front of the group.

Add blazers to your wardrobe to have looks like this! I swear I'll try this look next week.

Super comfortable, casual and fashionista.

A perfect balance to go to college.

Similar but with blazer. The point is that the sneakers make a nice contrast with your outfit of the day.

The amazing thing about neon colors is that they go on sunny days as well as cold days. Don't be afraid to add a few shirts with these colors to your closet.

100% Chic

A "messy" look that is irresistible.

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