10 delicate tattoos for classy girls

A new year begins and with it new purposes, objectives, goals and whims, why not? If you have the idea of ​​getting a tattoo for the first time or adding one more to your endless collection, these ideas are what you need.

They are delicate, elegant, simple, feminine and undoubtedly beautiful. Check them out, you're sure to get your next design from here.

Flowers can dispense with their color and still remain beautiful.

It's like carrying a nice secret.

An accessory that will hook your hand forever.

A flower in watercolor.

How about such a ring?

A tattoo that expresses something.

The ears are perfect canvases.

Choose your artist well, remember that not everyone can do this delicate work.

How not to wear something like this forever?

A bouquet of roses with meaning.

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