Ideas to fill your bra like a professional

Having a small bust has nothing wrong, it is another characteristic that gives personality to the female body. But there are times when we want to see ourselves a little more bulky and that is when women resort to filling. Although there are already bras that fulfill this function, sometimes it is not enough and our expectations are not met.

And it is for those situations that we have brought these incredible tips.

Stuffed with socks

The first thing you should do is wear a bra with pads, so you will hide the filling you add. This bra has to be two sizes larger than normal for the padding to fit. Put on the bra by moving each of your breasts up and to the center to form a space at the bottom, that's where you will introduce the socks.

Choose socks by looking at the thickness and size, it will depend on how much you want to increase the appearance of your breasts. Fold the socks so that they are even from all sides and a little flat, insert them at the bottom where the pads of your bra are, accommodate them, put on a blouse and look in the mirror to see if they were even and without rare edges.

Double bra

Get a strapless bra that is push up, and another molded bra with pads that do have braces.

Put on the strapless bra first and accommodate your bubis on it. Then put on the other bra and adjust the hooks so that it does not get too tight. Adjust them so that no edges or lumps are visible.


Buy some extra pads for your bras, they can be made of foam or silicone, the choice will depend on your taste. Put on the bra that is molded and with pads so that the extra padding is not noticeable. Place the pads inside your bra, in the lower part of your breasts, you can adhere them with adhesive tape if they move too much.

Adjust your bra so that it is not loose too tight.


Use a bra that is push up, has pads and has a good shape, this will help you hide the filling you add. Take some tissues (the amount will depend on how much you want to increase your bust). Fold them until they adapt to the natural size of the cup of your bra, you can use scissors to shape them and that no paper sticks out.

Place the scarves inside your bra in the area of ​​the pads and accommodate them, you can adhere them with adhesive tape to make you feel more secure. Remember that the sweat of your body could deform the filling, but this method works in an emergency situation.

Silicone bra

There are already silicone bras that are only the cups, the advantage of this type of garments is that they join the breasts creating a much more pronounced neckline. So you can adjust your bubis in this way and then place a normal bra with padding on top so your bust looks much more bulky.

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