15 Moments that are special for me when we are together

Having met you is one of the best luck I've experienced in my life. Not only do I love that you and I complement each other, I also adore these moments that we live when we are together ... I tell you in case you didn't know.

1- When you tell me about your childhood and I see the happiness or sadness in your eyes while you tell me all those stories.

2- When we are watching a movie and without my asking you, you start to caress me in a very tender way.

3- All those times that we go down the street and hold my hand to cross a street, as well as protecting myself.

4- Whenever you care about me and ask me: are you hungry? What do you want to eat?

5- When we go down the street and no matter what happens a very beautiful girl, you do not even see her sideways. That shows me that you only have eyes for me.

6- When you or I say something funny totally unexpected and gives us a fit of laughter.

7- When you say short and beautiful phrases like: 'I love being with you', 'I am happy by your side', 'I love how you laugh', 'I could spend all day with you', etc.

8- When we are together and although everyone is doing their things, we feel accompanied and comfortable even if we are silent. I love that there are no awkward silences between you and me.

9- All those times that you hold my hand, hug and kiss no matter what your family, friends or friends are seeing us.

10- When you have patience with me when I'm in bad mood and you instead of getting angry, you endure my bad mood ... and even make me laugh.

11- When we are together and you let me play my favorite music (even if you are not a big fan of it).

12- When you accompany me shopping and do not go crazy or despair because I try on a lot of clothes. I love that even you recommend me what things would look good to me.

13- When you ask me for advice on what to do when you have a problem with your parents or at school.

14. When I have a problem and you give me all your time so I can let off steam with you. I love that you know how to listen, advise me and don't give me 'the plane'.

15- When we spend watching memes and laugh like idiots.

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