10 manageable heels that will only make men fall at your feet

Falls with heels are more frequent than you think, and it is not because we are clumsy when walking or because we lack practice. Heels are dangerous and it is easy to lose balance in them, that is, they are highly prone to accidents. But there are heels that are more manageable, much safer and that continue to look sensual and cute. So if you want to know what your options are, you will love this.

This year the chunky heel is in a super trend, these heels are not typical of the needle, but are wider and more docile, so to speak.

There are even very glamorous chunkys that can keep you company at weddings, xvs years or graduations where you plan to dance all night.

You can even combine your chunky heels with the straps, as the strap heels cling to your ankle as if there were no tomorrow.

If the thick heel does not convince you, try a thin but short one, but with straps, these will help you a lot, give you more support when walking and therefore less accidents.

Who says platforms don't count as heels? Of course! They give you extra centimeters, make your legs look more turned and bring the same bit of sensuality to your outfits.

You know, the basic black stilettos will not only improve your outfits, but they will keep you healthy and safe throughout the day or night. But be careful, you have to choose ones with a leash and with a not so high heel.

Something similar to the heels with a strap, they are the lace up, because their braces have the same function of holding your ankles to give you the assurance that you will not fall.

Kitten heels, the truth is that they are pretty and sexy. These heels are usually "grandma" because they are not so tall and are also comfortable, be sure that you will not greet the floor while you wear them.

There are heels up to the ankle, which in addition to protecting it in case of a twist, help you keep them straight, making them super manageable.

Remember that to avoid battling with a pair of sexy heels, the first thing you should do is be 100% sure that you are well adjusted, but not tight, just at the exact point.

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