Things you really thought of reaching 25 ... but they are a lie

Did you think that turning 25 is a “other world” thing? Well, I must tell you no, in fact I am about to turn 26 and I must confess to you some sad and uncomfortable truths that I learned about this age.

Note: I do not say that applies to all of you, but minimal to me yes.

You will have a job well paid and that makes you happy

False! The truth is that 90% of you will have a job where you may end up killing your boss because of how annoying he is and in which you get paid as if you were an Asian factory worker ... (even if you have a university degree).

Your parents (finally) will treat you as an adult

False! The truth is that they will continue treating you as if you were 13 years old and will want to continue to have control of your decisions.

You will be more stable in your love relationships

False! In fact you will see that it is increasingly difficult to have something "serious" with someone because of your fears and traumas of the past.

You will have forgotten your boyfriend that you loved so much when you were in high school

False! Although years have passed without knowing each other, you may still stalking and thinking day after day ... What would my life have been like by your side?

You will be clear about what you want and your short-term goals

False! In fact you will be wondering if what you studied really was not a mistake. You will feel that day after day you waste time on things that do not take you anywhere.

You will be more sure of yourself

False! If at 15 you were insecure and never worked on it, chances are that at 25 you will be too. That is not magically removed overnight.

You will know how to control your emotions better

False! You will explode more easily, you will get angry faster, you will say hurtful things without caring and you will cry uncontrollably for anything. I tell you from experience.

You will dress as a woman and not as a teenager

False! Most of us in our forties saw each other in the future wearing high heels, low-cut blouses, glued skirts, blazers, etc ... But when you reach that age, you realize that you are least interested in life.

You will be independent

False! Unfortunately it will be common for you to spend your time seeing who helps you with a thousand outstanding and debts that you may have.

Your only concern will be to be happy

False! Your main concerns will be: pay your credit card on time, have clean clothes for work, realize that you no longer lose weight as easily as before, etc.

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