Nails with a lot of glitter you need for the new year party

If there is a time of the year when extravagance is allowed, that is a new year. The glitter will never be too much nor be out of place. It is the only season in which you can abuse it, so take advantage of it!

Today we have brought for you several options to decorate your nails with polishes full of shine. Remember to think first about what you will wear so that they combine perfectly. Check these beautiful and choose the design that you like the most so that the nail expert can do magic on your hands.

I know you are surely thinking: "I don't want all my nails full of glitter." Well, if that's your case, don't get upset and just paint one another, it looks cool in the same way.

Paint all your silver glitter nails without worrying about whether or not to combine with your new year outfit. This color goes well with any color, it is also super festive.

If for example your dress will be purple, you can combine silver with a color like that of your look.

If you want to go to the safe because you still do not know what you will wear to receive the new year. Then I recommend neutral tone.

If the party is yours, then get in the mood and choose a glaze with glitter in many colors.

This tone will make you look elegant and ostentatious despite the brightness.

Red nails are a mega classic on this date. Give it a touch of shine with a silver or gold enamel.

The black color is not bad at this time, it is super elegant and combines with everything. And so that it does not look too serious you can put on it an enamel with glitter of the color you want.

Here is another example ...

Blue is super winter, so don't hesitate to use it.

You don't have to paint the entire nail, you can make decorations like that.

Get super festive, okay.

White with gold is, to my liking, one of the best combinations.

Video: NEW YEAR'S EVE Colorful Glitter Party NAIL ART (December 2019).