Outfits to start the year seeing you 'deli'

We all want to start the year seeing and feeling our best, with a renewed air, motivated and with conviction for the time being to fulfill the purposes we promised while choking on the grapes during the twelve bells.

If you want to look different, try new things and experiment with your style to further define your personality, these outfits will help you change your closet, because all these clothes will make you see more than 'deli'.

I recently discovered that in my closet I don't have a single skirt, pure shorts, jeans and dresses. So I decided that this year I will acquire at least one pair but that they are exotic and sexy. So if you want to join, try a full of fringes and movement.

Also try textured skirts, unusual prints. Try to get out of your comfort zone, only then will you discover new facets in yourself.

Lose your fear and eliminate prejudices. Try using outfits that you previously criticized, so you will open your mind.

Get yourself a super-fitted dress, it doesn't have to be short. Try to look formal but at the same time casual. Mix styles, make this year a year of trying new things.

Buy shoes that have never been on your fashion radar before. Leave behind the typical tennis you wear all the time.

Try to stop criticizing the transparencies and better try one so that you feel for yourself the magic of these garments.

Let your bralette see the world during this new year.

Give network media a chance, I promise you it will be the only thing that will not disappoint you this year.

Try classic things that you had not dared to use. For example a schoolgirl look to go to the movies.

Try new fabrics like satin. Let your curves take more confidence this year.

And dare to mix your clothes as it comes to mind. Enough of what they will say, enjoy this year as you never did.