Cool tattoos that won't allow you to end up with a vile butterfly on your lower back

I don't know why when a woman wants to get a tattoo on her lower back, she always decides on the same butterfly design, which being honest, in most cases it ends up looking fatal.

I know that genres are broken in tastes and that everyone has the right to decide what will be forever on their skin. But if you are planning to get a tattoo in this area and the only thing you could think of was a butterfly, take a look at these designs, maybe they convince you more.

Imagine a flower that looks like silk.

Ying and yang represented by two Japanese fish.

It is an excellent area to tattoo a small, medium or huge design. So the possibilities are endless, don't limit yourself.

A whole landscape ...

A beautiful crab in the style you like best.

How about a kind of flower strip from end to end of your waist.

Eyes that watch your back.

Cross stitch flowers.

The tail of a whale or any animal.

Or some geometric figure.