Trends die but these looks are eternal

There is a phrase by Yves Saint Laurent that says "Fashion fades, style is eternal." It inspired me to think that although we are not wearing trendy clothes, we can see each other with style; Well, there are looks that don't matter the decade, they will always be there for us! To make us look good forever.

All white looks are a very dear classic. Over time we learn to handle it and use it as we please, for example with a miniskirt and top ...

... the same for all black looks. No matter what style you have, there are black clothes for all types of girls.

White pants with black top, and vice versa. For centuries black and white has represented opposites and their balance in various cultures. Fashion took over this philosophy to make iconic looks.

A casual look with a blazer. A few decades ago, fashion was so crazy that they combined the ordinary with the formal. Bringing the blazers to the world of mortals.

Lace top with jeans. The garments with lace have always been in fashion, before in formal dresses, then in lingerie and now in our daily looks.

A colorful jumper has been with us since the 70's. It has had its ups and downs (like everyone else), but it is a look that never fails, like a bff.

The classic white long-sleeved shirt with any denim! Whether a pants, fisherman, skirt or even short.

The maxidress was literally the first dress in history, its origin is military and therefore has never let down any girl.

The khaki pants have been losing strength, they have been replaced with some nude tones, but it should be noted that it is a tone that looks good with white, black and denim.

A shorts with bodysuit. Although the bodysuit looks recent, it was born in the 50's and was only used by Playboy bunnies. Now we can all be a bunny!

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